Tommy Hay is fighting for:

  • Christian Rights and Values TOTALLY
  • Standing with Israel TOTALLY
  • A strong Military
  • Greater Veteran Benefits
  • Greater Senior Benefits
  • Abolish Abortion
  • Repealing Obamacare
  • Protecting the second amendment
  • Funding our military
  • Safer borders
  • Stopping sanctuary cities
  • Stopping DACA
  • Preserving traditional marriage
  • Banning Muslims
  • The U.S. to pull out of the United Nations
  • No transgenders serving in the military
  • Segregated restrooms for transgenders
  • Lower taxes
  • Jailing telemarketers
  • Free TV coverage
  • Jobs for Americans
  • The removal of corrupt politicians
  • De-fund Planned Parenthood
  • An investigation into George Soros, Hussein Obama, and the Clinton Foundation

“Freedom isn’t Free” without laws,
rules and regulations to protect us from evil, sin, corruption and tyranny.   

Vote for Tommy N. Hay and he’ll uphold these values.